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Pronounced: Fay-Lynn

Hi, my name is Phelan!

I’m a storyteller, an iced coffee aficionado, and a user experience researcher and designer. 


A palm reader in Myanmar told me that I would be successful in the creative world if I put in the work in.  He also told me that I would be a “song star”, must eat two eggs every day, and should go to sleep at 7:00 pm.  There was a language barrier, but I believe the first statement to be true. 

I have a Master’s in Creative Technologies and Design and Bachelor’s in Spanish Language and Literature.  My degrees have allowed me to combine my passions of creating meaningful experiences and learning about languages and their cultures.

My background in language and cultures has primed me to view the world with an empathetic lens.  I strive to understand the user, despite any barriers, in order to achieve a successful and impactful product. 


I look forward to continuing to explore user experience, be it research, writing, or design.  I am excited for my next adventure and am currently looking for full-time roles.

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