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Timeline: Dec. 2020 - Present
Project Type: Contract
Tools: Pencil, Paper, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator 
Team: Chris Thompson - Lead Developer, Carly Paul - Project Manager



AidKonekt is an online platform that monitors and provides automated updates on USAID forecasted opportunities, and pipelines for grants and contracts. 


AidKonekt also allows the user to easily search for historical procurements, reports, and project data, and to gain better insight into USAID country priorities, sectors, and competitors.


This platform streamlines key business development tasks to save time and make the information more user friendly.

Currently, data is pulled from six government sites:

How might we... a product that allows teams to do their research and use government-issued data without the hassle of going to government sites?

...display opensource data in a user-friendly manner?

...update the design to give users autonomy when searching for potential opportunities while giving them ample information about each?

Website Audit

After getting a better understanding of what AidKonekt does, I conducted a website audit to understand the end-to-end user journey and assess the experience. At the time of the audit, the website was in Beta testing and had yet to be designed.  

Initial Thoughts

Colors do not meet accessibility standards for readability.

Interface feels clunky and cluttered.

Pages are not cohesive which leads to an experience that is not intuitive.




Style Guide

I, first created a style guide that could be referenced during the design process and for any future ventures.

Updated Website

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